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Kathmandu Model


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Established in 1993 as a small community referral center with only 18 beds, KMH was upgraded to a 50 bed hospital in 1995. Since 2003, it has become a tertiary care hospital with various specialty services.

Our Departments

Our Departments


Dr. Brahma Dev Jha, Head of Department

Dr. Rikal Man Shrestha, Consultant

Dr. Devendra Maharjan, Sr. Registrar

Dr. Sujan Surya Prajapati, Sr. Registrar

Dr. Sunita Gurung, Sr. Registrar

Dr. Tsering Sherpa, Registrar

Dr. Diksha Basnet, Medical Officer

Dr. Rosha Paudel, Medical Officer

Dr. Prerana Shrestha, FCPS Resident

Diagnostic Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Ranga Bahadur Basnet

Dr. Basudha Shrestha, Consultant Microbiologist

Dr. Monasha Vaidya, Pathologist

Dr. Sharmila Parajuli, Consultant Pathologist

General Surgery

Dr. Amit Mani Upadhyay, Consultant

Dr. Ashish K. Panthi, FCPS Resident

Dr. Ashok Kumar Kunwar, Sr. Registrar

Dr. Bigyan Acharya, FCPS Resident

Dr. Bijendra Dhoj Joshi, Sr. Consultant/HOD

Dr. Puspa Lal Bhadel, FCPS Resident

Dr. Rojan Adhikari, FCPS Resident

Dr. Sanjesh Bhakta Shrestha, Registrar

Dr. Saroj Prasad Dhital, Sr. Consultant/HOD

Dr. Srijana Thapa, FCPS Resident

Dr. Udaya Koirala, Sr. Consultant

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Aruna Karki, Sr. Consultant/HOD

Dr. Ganesh Dangal, Sr. Consultant

Dr. Hema Kumari Pradhan, Consultant

Dr. Kabin Bhattachan, Sr. Registrar

Dr. Kenusha Tiwari, FCPS Resident

Dr. Nishma Bajracharya, FCPS Resident

Dr. Ranjana Shrestha, Sr. Registrar

Dr. Rekha Poudel, FCPS Resident

Dr. Sonu Bharati, FCPS Resident

Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Manoj Krishna Shrestha, Sr. Consultant

Dr. Roshani Napit, Medical Officer


Dr. Amir Shrestha, Registrar

Dr. Amritee Gorkhali, Registrar

Dr. Anuj Bajracharya, Registrar

Dr. Ashish Parajuli, Sr. Registrar

Dr. Manindra Shrestha, Sr. Registrar


Pro. Dr. Binod Acharya, MDS (Prosthodondist) 2432

Pro. Dr. Anjana Rajbhandari, MDS (Orthodontist) 1915

Ass. Prof. Dr Sunanda Sundas, MDS (Pedodontist) 2695

Ass. Prof. Dr. Ameena Pradhan, MDS (Periodontist) 3013

Ass. Prof. Dr. Sandhya Joshi, MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon) 5906

Ass. Prof. Dr. Junima Rajkarnikar, MDS (Periodontist) 6682

Dr. Sandeep Bataju, MDS (Orthodontist) 8102

Dr. Nirmala Chataut, BDS (Dental Surgeon) 3108

Dr. Prajwal Shrestha, BDS, MHCM (Dental Surgeon) 8066

Dr. Pritisha Shrestha, BDS (Dental Surgeon) 5161

Dr. Kushal Das Maharjan, BDS (Dental Surgeon) 14873

Dr. Roshani Baidya, BDS (Dental Surgeon) 8848

Dr. Indira Maharjan, BDS (Dental Surgeon) 15571

department of Emergency medicine

Dr. Rekha Pandey, Sr. Medical Officer

Dr. Wishad Shrestha, Medical Officer

Dr. Pratistha Bhattarai, Medical Officer

Dr. Pratap Ray, Medical Officer

Dr. Alina Upreti, Medical Officer

department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Rajesh Dhoj Joshi, Hospital Director

Dr. Abhivan Dahal, Registrar

Dr. Muna Palikhe, Registrar

Dr. Bijaya Bhattarai , FCPS Resident

Dr. Sweta Maharjan, FCPS Resident

Dr. Nabin Khadka, Medical Officer

Dr. Nirajan Poudel, Medical Officer


Dr. Raba Thapa, Consultant

department of Pediatric Medicine

Dr. Kamal Sharma, Consultant

Dr. Rajesh Lal Gurubacharya, Sr. Consultant

Dr. Rose Lamichhane, Medical Officer


Ms. Radhika Ghimire, Matron

Ms. Rekha Maharjan, Nursing Supervisor


Dr. Keshar Man Malla, Consultant

Dr. Super Bahadur K.C, Consultant

departmENT of e.n.t

Dr. Ashish Khadgi, Registrar

department of Neurosurgery

Dr. Prakash Bista, Consultant

Dr. Hemav Rajbhandari, Consultant

Dr. Hridayesh Pratap Malla, Registrar

Dr. Priyanka Sharma, Medical Officer

department of Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Roshan Lal Shrestha, Sr. Consultant & Head of Department

Dr. Shikshya Prakash Shrestha, Consultant

Dr. Anil Shakya, Consultant

Dr. Anuj Raj Bijukchhe, Sr. Registrar

Dr. Niraj Shrestha, Sr. Registrar

Dr. Umesh Bahadur Bogatee, Registrar


Dr. Namrata Pradhan, Registrar


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• Pharmacy

• Laboratory

• Radiology

• Ambulance

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